California Paints Aqua Borne Ceramic Satin Enamel (Formerly Graham) Gallon

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  • New Label 2017
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Note: This is Graham Aqua Borne Ceramic Satin Enamel re-labeled in to California Paints see original description below:

The 532-series are water reducible, satin interior/exterior acrylic enamels which offer the properties of solvent based alkyd enamels at low VOC levels. They are superior to alkyd enamels in dry time, early block resistance, early recoatability, gloss retention, non-yellowing and alkali resistance. This product is formulated with ceramic microspheres that impart exceptional stain resistance plus enhanced adhesion and improved flow and leveling.

Exterior surfaces such as doors, windows, shutters, facia, trim, etc. and interior surfaces such as cabinets, woodwork, doors, trim, etc. of wood, metal, wallboard, vinyl PVC pipe and many plastic surfaces. Also direct to clean metal when two coats of finish are required.

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