• Advance

    Advance Quicktruss Door Painting Stands (Pack of 4)

    Door Painting Made Fast and Easy!  Each Advance Quicktruss 4-Pack will stand and secure up to 8 doors at one time, allow you to prep and paint in quantity - saving you time and money. The Quicktruss is simple and easy to use and does not damage the...
  • Proform

    Proform HI-LITE Paint Brush Light

    The Hi-Lite is the first "fits all" illumination device for painting those hard to see, dark areas.  No need setting up lights, just slip over any ferrule (2 inches and up) and it's daytime!  It's easy on and easy off of any brush.Five...
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    Hyde 17-In-1 Painter's Tool

    Now: $9.99
    Was: $12.99
    This patented multi-tool is the perfect work site addition for any pro – but especially for pro painters who work with spray equipment. It accomplishes all the more common multi-tool functions (scrape flat surfaces and contours, spread putty, open...
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    Warner 15-In-1 Painter's Tool

    Now: $5.99
    Was: $6.99
    The 15-in-1 painter's tool with hammer cap from Warner features; scraper, roller cleaner, spreader, crack cleaner, can opener, nail setter, nail puller, utility cutter, radius scraper, window putty tool, bottle opener, rasp tool, spackle knife, Philips...
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    Warner 10846 Perfect Pass Joint Knife

    Now: $6.99
    Was: $7.99
    The Perfect Pass Joint Knife has a full tang, precision ground and mirror finish 6-inch blade. The notched blade for perfect drywall seams. Durable plastic handle featuring a hammer cap.
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    A Richard 18984 Margin Trowel Float 6" x 2"

    Now: $7.99
    Was: $9.99
    SPECIFICATIONS 1/8" of premium gum rubber pad laminated to a lightweight foam rubber core with beveled sides Ground and tempered quality steel blade Hardwood handle CHARACTERISTICS Extended length is perfect for hard to reach areas, such as...
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    Richard Brush and Roller Cleaner

    Now: $3.99
    Was: $4.99
    Brush/roller cleaner 3-in-1 Use to clean paint brushes and roller covers Removes brush floating filament Made from nylon-fiberglass material Can be used to clean all standard roller cover Remove excess paint from roller covers