FixAll Everlife Waterborne Enamel High Gloss Gallon (Formally Graham Aqua Borne Ceramic)

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The 512-series are water reducible gloss interior/exterior acrylic enamels at low VOC levels. They are superior to alkyd enamels in dry time, early block resistance, early recoatability, gloss retention, non-yellowing and alkali resistance. Aqua Borne Acrylic Enamel is excellent for painting of new or repainting of old equipment and machinery. Ideal for general farm or factory maintenance. For industrial uses where excellent adhesion and durability are required. This product is formulated with ceramic microspheres that impart exceptional stain resistance plus enhanced adhesion and improved flow and leveling.

Ideal for exterior surfaces such as doors, windows, shutters, facia, trim, etc. and interior surfaces such as cabinets, woodwork, doors, trim, etc. of wood, metal, wallboard, vinyl PVC pipe and many plastic surfaces. Also direct to clean metal when two coats of finish are used.

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