Armstrong-Clark Transparent Wood Stain Gallon

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DESCRIPTION: A one or two coat, high solids pigmented finish made from heavy and light bodied oils designed for application on unpainted wood. Heavy bodied oils provide water repellency. Light bodied oil penetrates into the wood. Armstrong-Clark Transparent Wood Stains add flexibility to the wood.

UNIQUE QUALITIES: Armstrong-Clark's formula is a combination of drying and non-drying oils that gives the user two layers of protection with one brush stroke. Armstrong-Clark's Wood Stains have a non-drying conditioning oil that separates from the drying side of the formula. This oil penetrates into the wood fiber where the wood’s natural oil used to be. This process rejuvenates the wood. The heavy bodied drying oils stay at the surface, lock in the conditioning oil and create a barrier that is dry to the touch. Armstrong-Clark's Wood Stains have only a mild boiled linseed oil aroma and can be applied in the direct sunlight/ heat of the day. This stain will not peel or crack. Can be exposed to “light” to “normal” rain 60 minutes after absorption into wood. All of Armstrong-Clark's colors are inter-mixable.

USE: For all new, old and pressure treated unpainted wood surfaces such as: decks, siding, docks, fences, and log homes where color retention, water repellency and wood conditioning are the desired goal. Transparent colors are not recommended for cedar shingles.


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