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Bestt Liebco Tru-Pro Palmer 2.5" Angle

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  • Bestt Liebco Tru-Pro Palmer 2.5" Angle
  • Bestt Liebco Tru-Pro Palmer 2.5" Angle



 Product Description:

BESTT LIEBCO only uses DuPont's Tynex nylon and Orel polyester in creating a superior blend for the professional. Tynex and Orel filaments are both 100% solid, round and tapered, thus providing for longer wear, maximum resiliency (flex), and easy cleanup. Dyed nylon and sable colored polyester create the unique look contractors prefer. For use with all paints.

Cleaning Instructions

Clean immediately after use with recommended cleaning agent for coating applied. Quick drying paints may require additional cleaning during application.

Rinse brush in the same solvent used to thin the paint you just applied.

Latex: Warm soapy water 

Oil Base: Paint thinner or Mineral Spirits

Lacquer: Lacquer Thinner

With all paints, it is best to thoroughly clean brushes up to the metal ferrule using a stiff brush or a brush comb. This reduces paint build up that can stiffen bristles and reduce the performance of your brush.



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