Corona Cortez Tynex/Orel 2.5" Angle Sash

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  • Corona Cortez Tynex/Orel  2.5" Angle Sash
  • Corona Cortez Tynex/Orel  2.5" Angle Sash



 Product Description:

A unique blend, our Red-Gold™ series combines the best elements of solid round tapered DuPont™ Tynex® Nylon and Orel® Polyester filaments for interior and exterior painting.

The Red-Gold™ Series offers superior paint application in oil and latex paints, inside and outside, winter-spring-summer-or fall.

  • Nylon in the top edge for durability.
  • Polyester in the bottom for stiffness retention and extra flex.
  • Deep flagg tips created in-house to resemble those of natural China bristles for super smooth paint finishing.
  • Hand formed chisel provides extra sharp, accurate cutting-in and preserves the smooth flagg tips.


Cleaning Instructions

Clean immediately after use with recommended cleaning agent for coating applied. Quick drying paints may require additional cleaning during application.

New formulation acrylic and alkyd-modified coatings may require a mineral spirit rinse in addition to water/soap clean up.

Use a brush comb to straighten filaments before storing. Then hang to dry in the Corona brush keeper.


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