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Elder & Jenks Gen X Chinex 2" Angle Sash

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Product Description: 

The Generation X Angle Sash Brush is a professional grade brush with a stainless steel ferrule and sealed birch handle. 100% Chinex Bristle is a firmer filament, that is great for Ceramic & Waterborne paints and has emerged as the bristle of choice because of its easy clean up. GEN X has a razor like edge that both cuts in and lays off amazingly. It is designed to hold more paint and allow for better release of paint.

Maintenance and Cleaning:

Rinse brush in the same solvent used to thin the paint you just applied.

Latex: Warm soapy water

Oil Base: Paint thinner or Mineral Spirits

Lacquer: Lacquer Thinner

With all paints, it is best to thoroughly clean brushes up to the metal ferrule using a stiff brush or a brush comb. This reduces paint build up that can stiffen bristles and reduce the performance of your brush.


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