Modern Masters Metal Effects Oxidizing Copper Paint Gallon

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Modern Masters – Metal Effects® Copper Metallic Paint (ME149) is a water-base, modified acrylic paint with a high concentration of real copper particles.

It will tarnish naturally over time, if exposed to the proper elements, but Metal Effects Green Patina (PA901) or Blue Patina Aging Solutions (PA902) will speed up the oxidation process and create a beautiful, authentic green or blue patina finish in minutes. Metal Effects Copper Metallic Paint can be brush, roll, or spray applied.

The Metal Effects Green or Blue Patina can be applied with a brush, sponge, spray bottle, or plastic pump sprayer. The entire system can be applied to any properly prepared surface, including metal, wood, drywall, plaster, paintable wall coverings, canvas or muslin, and plastic surfaces. Popular applications range from full interior and exterior walls, moldings, trim, columns, doors, railings, to lamps, vases, and planters.

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