Sashco Colorfast Clear Gallon

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Colorfast prevents your wood from natural darkening. Colorfast also provides a uniform base coat that seals your wood on rough and smooth surfaces alike to prevent blotchiness due to uneven stain absorption. When you start with Colorfast Pre-Stain Base Coat, you control the natural variables of wood so that the color you choose is the color you will get. Before ordering, always request samples of Sashco products from and test the products out on your own wood.

Logs and wood siding are natural products. As with any natural product, porosity and milled finish varies. This natural variation causes significant color variation when semi-transparent wood finishes are applied. Get a uniform color for your log or natural wood home, use Colorfast Pre-Stain Base Coat before applying Sashco products such as Transformation Log and TimberTransformation Siding and TrimCapture Log Stain as well as Symphony Interior Clear Coat.

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